Sunday 12 June 2016

Comic style art!!!

Ok guys i was thinking of starting a comic series so i began doodling
In the end i decided to practice my crosshatching cause i cant afford a copic marker set
So heres my 30 min venom constructive criticism is appreciated cause i always want to improve

Random bow making!

It is sunday my dudes and I have another lost blog post,

Date: May ??? 2016 

One day i was sitting, pondering on what i should do sitting in my free spinny chair in my garage. Suddenly i looked up and to my surprise there was 4m of 1/4 pvc electrical housing (plastic pipe)
and like any other sane human being I decided to make a bow! And im going to teach you cause its fun!

You will need!

-at least 4ft of pvc piping 
- 1 dank meme
-3 3/4 ft paracord
-electrical tape/duct tape

  1. Cut your pvc down to about 4 ft
  2. cut a notch about 1 inch deep on each end of the pvc pipe
  3. tie a knot on each end of your paracord 
  4. Put one knot into into a notch on one side 
  5. place the bow between your legs and put your foot on the end with the string in it 
  6. push the bow down until it forms a u shape and put the second end of your paracord into the second notch
  7. wrap tape around each end so that the paracord cant slip out
  8. Now enjoy your dank meme
  9. don't use your bow in populated areas. and don't use it to hurt people/ animals

Cosplay catastrophe

All righty folks! Sorry for not posting, i tried to blog from my phone but nothing uploaded.

This is the first post that i wrote on my phone:

Me and a good friend Daniel decided to go to comicon and cosplay as soviet diesel punk soldiers
so far we have the front torso, knees and one shoulder each. also i have a gas mask
we are working our butts off to finish cause comicon is may 16th!!

sad update. :'( we didn't finish in time

Tuesday 26 April 2016



Who am I?

What do I do best?

Who do I do it for?

What do these people need or want from me?

How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

I am  an aspiring meme maker, JK a young maker that is constantly looking for innovative ideas
 and inspiration

I make stuff, its my sole purpose in life, other than memes and friends

I do it for my self, to make me a better version of myself. Also I do it to impress my friends and show off a bit.

My friends want projects from video games ( game weapon props, game foodstuffs, and gear/armor)
And from my self I want something I'm proud of and something where I learned and new technique or skill

my expectations get higher and my friends expectations get higher too

Monday 18 April 2016

Dossier 1 Recap!

Alright this post is going to be a recap so if you've followed by posts up until now you don't need to read this.

BUT! If you think I'm funny and enjoy reading my posts stick around cause today I have some fun jokes for you all.

So for the first post I made a memetacular creation and said what we were going to be doing in this dossier 
For the second post I made a theme song

For the Third post I made an awesome superhero file on THE AMAZING MEME MAN


I NEED TO PUT UP SOME MORE "quality content" That reminds me, I forgot to post an inspiring quote
This Quote has inspired me the moment I saw it while scrolling through random quotes. It has helped me push my limits and work towards my goals. BTW the man who said this was Francis of Assisi

Also I wanted to let you guys know that 1 I do all the edits on my blog, and 2 I use "be funky photo editor"

Sunday 10 April 2016

Mission 1.2 THEME SONG

An Awesome Kinda Superhero

An Original Song
by The Amazing meme man

He gets on with life as a Superhero,
He's an Awesome kinda chap.
He likes Fighting crime on Sundays,
He likes Inhaling Memes in the week.
He likes to contemplate Memes.
But when he starts to daydream,
His mind turns straight to M c square

Does he love M c squared more than Memes?
Does he love M c squared more than Memes?

He likes to use words like 'Dank,'
He likes to use words like 'Fantastical.'
He likes to use words about Memes.
But when he stops his talking,
His mind turns straight to M c squared

Does he love M c squared more than Memes?
Does he love M c squared more than Memes?

He likes to hang out with John cena,
He likes to kick back with Sanic,
But when left alone,
His mind turns straight to M c squared

Does he love M c squared more than Memes?
Does he love M c squared more than Memes?

He's not too fond of Criminals,
He really hates Cardinals,
But he just thinks back to M c squared,
And he's happy once again.

Koodos to song lyrics generator